The Best Ways to Develop Great Physique, increase strength, build endurance and increase muscle mass is a common topic that seems to pop up repeatedly in many of the most popular and well-respected fitness magazines. Even some of the “experts” out there that claim to know what works have nothing more than their own opinion, advice, or sales pitches. So, what are the best ways to develop great physique? What are the worst ways to develop great physique? Below are the top 3 best ways to develop great physique, all developed by the world’s top bodybuilders and fitness models.

The Best Ways to Develop Great Physique: Build More Muscle Fast The easiest way to develop incredible muscles is to simply create an overall calorie deficit. In layman’s terms, a calorie deficit is when you burn more calories than you consume. This simple concept can be very confusing for beginning weight lifters. If you have a lot of beginners who are new to bodybuilding, I recommend that you divide your caloric intake between three meals a day, three times a week. Doing this will keep you from ever reaching starvation mode which is the one phase of bodybuilding where your body begins to break down and use up reserves for energy.

Best Ways to Build Muscle

Bulking – The Best Ways to Develop Great Physique: Bulking is a great way to make more mass and increase your muscle size quickly. This is accomplished by increasing your calorie intake and setting up a calorie surplus. There are two schools of thought on how to create a calorie surplus. Some people like to get ahead of the curve and do their workouts two hours before bed while others are more efficient and do their workouts right after they get done eating. The key to maximizing your results with bulking is to eat the right things before you workout and eat even more to recover fully.

Another good way to build more muscle is to lose fat. A low calorie deficit combined with high protein intake will allow you to lose fat and put on muscle. To lose fat, you need to find a good body building supplement. These supplements will make it easier to lose fat because they contain ingredients such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and testosterone boosting ingredients such as testosterone release. You should also include low Glycemic Index foods to lose even more fat per week.

Energy Balance – Best Ways to Build More Muscle and Lose Fat: If you’re looking to build more muscle and lose fat, then the energy balance equation is the same for everyone. Calorie deficit is equal to BMR or basal metabolic rate. BMR is the amount of energy your body needs to perform at a particular level. To lose fat, you should make sure that you are eating enough calories to maintain your basal metabolic rate. To burn calories faster and eat more to gain more muscle, you should create an energy balance between food consumption and exercise intensity.

To create a calorie surplus, it’s important to eat more but of a higher proportion of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Increasing your protein intake can also help you create a calorie surplus by keeping your lean body mass intact. This in turn helps you build lean muscle mass, which burns fat more efficiently.

The last two tips, a high protein diet and intense exercise are by far the most effective way to create a bulking frame while losing fat. The reason why protein is so effective is because it allows your body to create muscle that burns fat more efficiently. High protein diets often include eggs, steak, chicken and other high protein food sources. Protein is also a great supplement because it helps you maintain a high level of stamina throughout your workouts. When you are bulking up, your body is burning fat and building muscle, the last thing you want is your body turning into fat!

Now that you have a basic understanding of the best ways to build muscle, there is one little trick you should keep in mind: don’t train every day. When I say ‘train’, I’m not just talking about going to the gym and lifting weights. Most people do their lifting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This forces them to neglect their shoulders, biceps and triceps. If you want to grow big, fast and naturally, you should add in an extra day or two to your training each week.

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