Many women in their late 50’s suffer from a condition known as abdominal fat, which can be notoriously hard to lose after they have lost a lot of weight in youth. The reason for this post-adolescent weight gain is mainly due to the fluctuating levels of hormones in women. Another contributing factor to the post-adolescent weight gain is metabolism, which slows down with age. This slowing of metabolism is also believed to play a part in women being more susceptible to gaining weight when they are older.

If you’ve lost large amounts of weight, and your metabolism has slowed down significantly, you may still want to follow a good weight loss program. A good program will help you to remove the excess pounds of fat, which have built up around your middle and upper body. In most cases, once you reach around twenty pounds or so of body fat for women, your metabolism has slowed down enough that you should be able to lose one to two pounds per week. Most people lose about four pounds per week while they are actively exercising.

Of course, not everyone wants to maintain a low body fat percentage permanently. Some people actually like the idea of having a slim and firm tummy. If you are one of these people, there are ways in which you can obtain a slimmer midsection. Some of these ways include:

You probably know that exercising burns fat. Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to reduce your overall body fat. Aerobics and other forms of cardiovascular exercise to burn up your calories through your whole body, including your abdominal and subcutaneous fat. Resistance training is another way of burning up calories and promoting fat loss. Since your muscles grow larger and stronger, they require more calories to function than fat cells, so your waistline may appear flatter.

In order to promote weight loss and to lose belly fat, you should include cardio exercise and strength training exercises in your program. These two components promote strength, which in turn, causes your body to use more energy to do work. As your muscles grow, they will pull excess fat away from your body. When you lift weights, your muscle tissue will become damaged. This damage eventually leads to muscle loss and the gradual reduction of your body weight.

Your body needs to be able to lose weight. If you eat too much, you will pack on even more fat. Eating less than you expend will also lead to muscle loss. When you eat less food than you burn in your daily activities, you will lose weight.

Eating a balanced diet is always the first step towards achieving a fit body. However, if you are determined to lose belly fat after 50, you must also learn to set reasonable and healthy goals. Too many people want to lose weight quickly. They fail to set realistic goals and are often discouraged by weight loss setbacks. For example, if your goal is to lose five pounds after one week, you need to set a weekly goal of no more than five pounds. Setting reasonable goals will keep you motivated and give you the motivation you need to continue after losing weight.

Exercise can increase the chance of weight loss when combined with a sensible meal plan. A new window sauna can help you feel energized throughout the day when you add exercise to your daily routine. Incorporating an exercise and healthy lifestyle into your daily life is necessary to lose belly fat after 50. You can strengthen your muscles through various forms of exercise; you can also lose belly fat through adding a healthy lifestyle to your daily routine. When you take the time to create a healthy meal plan and an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle, you can create a new window sakra and a new energy level that allow you to lose weight after fifty.

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