It’s a well known fact that most women struggle with how to reduce belly fat. The reason being is that our society places an emphasis on female slimness. This has led to a major spike in diet and food intake, which in turn has created the perfect environment for belly fat. In addition, the typical American diet lacks essential fatty acids and other nutrients needed by the body. In order to reduce belly fat you need to eat more fresh fruits, and vegetables as well as a quality dairy product like cheese. You should also get some exercise which will help burn off the excess calories.

Causes of Belly Fat. Contrary to popular opinion, those with an average body mass but with excess belly fat face increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This is because these unhealthy factors are directly linked to a lack of toned lower body muscles. This is especially true for those who are not in good shape.

A proven method to reduce thigh fat and gain a flat stomach is to do sets of 15 fast repetitions with a low weight on your toes and heels. This exercise can be done in front of a mirror or on a floor that will give you a good challenge. Those who cannot afford to purchase weights can use medicine balls or sandbags. Before you start any new workout routine, it’s recommended that you first consult with a qualified personal trainer to determine the best exercises to reduce belly fat.

Stress and Cortisol are two hormones released when we are stressed or when we are anxious. Cortisol is a chemical that increases fat levels in the abdomen due to its reaction with other hormones. The hormone cortisol triggers the release of a hormone known as epinephrine, which causes the heart to beat faster and to expand. This increased activity raises the level of glucose in the blood, which leads to hunger and eventually to weight gain. If we could find a way to reduce the amount of cortisol and also reduce the effect of the harmful hormone epinephrine then we would likely be able to greatly reduce the amount of fat stored in the abdomen.

There are many programs that claim to have found the answer to the question of how to reduce belly fat. Unfortunately, most of these programs are not based on sound science. A lot of the information they present as “exercise plans” or “diet programs” are merely clever worded advertisements for a particular type of pill or nutritional drink. While it is certainly true that some people have lost a lot of weight by doing these things, nobody has ever lost any significant amount of belly fat by doing them. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will reduce abdominal fat.

Fat is broken down to fuel our bodies. It takes energy to burn the calories and when you consume more calories than your body uses it has a tendency to store them as fat. If you have a high metabolism you will have a greater number of calories at your disposal to power your daily activities. People with a higher metabolism tend to eat less and exercise more. People with lower metabolisms tend to eat more and exercise less.

One of the ways that you can help yourself lose fat is to change your diet. By eating processed foods your body is tricked into thinking it needs to hold on to those calories. Your body will release hunger signals to try and get you to eat more. If you do use a higher metabolism to burn the calories the result will be a reduction in fat stores in your abdomen.

One example of a diet that helps a person’s metabolism is called the Japanese Diet. The Japanese Diet consists of eating foods like oatmeal, tofu, and white rice. The reasoning behind this diet is that you should eat as many kinds of fiber that you can because fiber helps remove toxins from your body. This will decrease the amount of fat stores that you have in your abdomen. You can also increase the amount of protein you take in by including lean red meats, chicken, fish, and eggs in your diet.

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