Belly fat and burning body fat with cardiovascular workouts are the second half of the equation. The first is developing a strong core abdominal strength. In a recent study, core ab exercises performed at a higher intensity were rated as far superior to lower-intensity ab workouts. The bicycle exercise rated as #1 because it utilizes more muscular, abdominal muscle action, which creates more stability, body rotation, and greater abdominal stabilization.

*An exercise ball is a great tool to increase your core stability. One-arm leg raises are another great workout for that part of the midsection. *Piring band is another excellent exercise that many calories can be burned. You may want to try the medicine-ball crunch. This exercise will build strong abdominal muscles and it provides resistance to the muscles around your hips, creating a much stronger you.

*Make a switch from sugary soda and other calorie-laden beverages. *The American Dietary Association recommends limiting the amount of calorie intake that increases body fat. *The fructose found in high-fructosefructose corn syrup has been shown to increase your chances of developing diabetes. *Make a decision to reduce the calorie intake of foods high in sugars and processed foods. *Eliminate all sugar from your diet, including fruit juices, candy, dried fruits, processed grains, rice, potatoes, honey, processed meats, and breads. Substitute these foods with low-sugar alternatives like fruits, vegetables, cereals, bran, rice, and nuts.

*If you want to lose weight quickly and effectively, begin by making some changes to your diet, and lose extra pounds slowly. *Eliminate high-calorie foods and substitute them with low-calorie alternatives. * swapping one food for another one can help you lose weight. * Cooking with lower-calorie ingredients can also help you reduce belly fat. *Sugar intake should be limited, especially natural sugar.

* Include fish and shellfish in your diet. Studies have shown that eating fatty fish per week helps reduce belly fat. In addition, eating oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, lake trout, and other types of oily fish are effective ways to reduce fatty liver disease. It’s important to make sure that the oil you use is 100% healthy. Fish contain essential fatty acids, which are fat-soluble vitamins that are crucial to maintaining healthy joints and skin.

* Include cardiovascular exercises in your routine. These are effective ways to reduce belly fat because they strengthen your heart. For women, physical exercise will help you maintain regular menstruation while for men, strength training will build muscle, which makes you leaner. But physical exercise should be done in moderation, especially if you’re a woman who’s already been diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

* If you’re a smoker, stop now. Smoking worsens belly fat. Smoking makes your blood vessels wide, making it easier to accumulate fat in your waist, hips, arms, and thighs. Other health benefits of quitting smoking include improved circulation, and clearer, more breathable lungs.

As you can see, losing weight doesn’t have to mean following a strict low-carb, high-protein diet. There are many other healthier options that will help you lose weight while still staying satisfied. You’ll feel great, have more energy, feel better about yourself, and be able to enjoy your life.

* Avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is hard on the liver and has a lot of nasty side effects, including increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It also constricts the arteries, which increases the risk of blood clots that can cause stroke and heart attack. If you need to drink, get it in moderation. If you want a powerful antioxidant drink to combat free-radicals, choose green teas instead.

* Do cardiovascular exercises. One study found that those who did daily aerobic exercise lowered their chances of developing the most common type of cancer. Regular exercise improves your cardio-vascular system by increasing your HDL cholesterol and decreasing your LDL cholesterol. If you’re overweight or obese, it’s important to add exercise to your daily routine to get your body into shape and prevent future weight gain. Exercising regularly will also improve your posture, so you can avoid putting any strain on your back. This is also an excellent way to relieve stress and reduce belly fat.

* Diet soda does not help you lose weight. Studies have shown that diet soda does absolutely nothing for your metabolism. In fact, it makes it harder to burn calories and may make you eat more to compensate for the low calorie count of diet soda. A better choice for dieting is water, as it helps to regulate your appetite, burns calories more efficiently, and is a much more effective way to lose weight.

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