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Weight loss: Weight loss is the reduction of overall body weight, usually resulting from an accumulation of body fat. Most cases of rapid weight loss appear to occur as a result of a loss of total body mass, but in more extreme cases of weight loss, muscle tissue can also be destroyed as a result of excessive consumption of glucose. Most people that are overweight are carrying excess body fat cells that cause their body to operate on an automatic fat-burning mechanism. The increased metabolic rate that accompanies rapid weight loss requires a high level of expenditure of energy to support this state of affairs.

This is where most experts agree that a successful weight loss program is one that involves a combination of a decreased calorie intake and increased physical activity. A decrease in calorie intake usually occurs as a result of eating less calories than the body is capable of burning during normal activities, or a decreased consumption of high calorie foods such as soft drinks and snacks. This will generally not reduce overall body weight quickly and some will even experience negative side effects such as vomiting and/or diarrhea. For those that wish to lose some weight quickly without negative side effects, increased physical activity can be a good alternative.

The rapid weight loss enjoyed by most dieters that start an eating plan will usually end within a few weeks or even a few months as their body adjusts to its new eating regime. Rapid weight loss often involves eating extremely large amounts of food (usually 400+ calories) in a short period of time. This can often cause the metabolism to increase, which is one of the reasons for the feeling of being “gassy” after eating a large amount of food.

Rapid weight loss can be achieved by a combination of a low carb diet plan and/or an intense exercise routine. For example, someone that wants to drop ten pounds (the recommended amount) in a week may need to eat a very large amount of lean red meat (beef, pork, lamb), lots of turkey, and some type of protein that has relatively low carbohydrates. In this example, a low carb or low fat diet would be advised. On the other hand, someone who is planning to lose twenty pounds in a month may be better served by a low carb or low fat diet but also start an intense exercise routine.

A good eating plan that works for rapid weight loss should offer plenty of vegetables and lean proteins as well as some carbohydrates, preferably in the form of whole grains. Some people will also need to eat some fat from time to time, and this can come in the form of “dieter friendly” margarine, olive oil or canola oil. These foods should be eaten in moderation and not allowed to completely substitute for the good things you are already eating. Also, you need to keep your overall caloric intake constant, and this will take some discipline and effort.

Many “empty calorie” foods actually contain more calories than what they claim, so you must read the label carefully when considering any food product. Be careful about eating foods high in sugar as these will not only fill you up, they can be extremely harmful if consumed in excess. While many of these products do have fiber, it is very important to avoid empty calories as you will never get full, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Both Aerobic Exercise and Resistance Exercise can be used effectively in combination with each other to promote quick, sustainable, long term weight loss. Resistance exercise should be used on a daily basis and alternated with aerobic exercise. This type of exercise should be done for at least thirty minutes five days a week. If possible, you should ideally combine both types of exercise for best results. You should also consider getting medical advice before starting any weight loss program as to how you will respond to it.

Finally, the food you eat will also play a major role in your weight loss success. Rather than eating a diet consisting primarily of fatty foods, eat foods high in fiber, including whole grains. If you combine this with plenty of exercise, you will achieve your weight loss goals much faster. Remember that healthy eating and regular exercise are two important factors for healthy long-term weight loss. Avoiding simple carbohydrates such as white bread and sugar and replacing these foods with whole grains will dramatically improve your health and will contribute to your feeling great.