Did you know that drinking lemon water has the potential to dramatically reduce belly fat? I had to learn the hard way. A few years back, my wife was pregnant and we were in dire need of a new wardrobe for our upcoming baby. I was out of ideas and was suffering from buyer’s regret.

It had been several months since I had last used any type of exercise. I was getting a little older, so the belly fat wasn’t going away. I wanted to rid myself of it forever. So I started looking for a solution. And guess what?

I discovered that water! Specifically, I drank purified, de-chlorinated water. As a result, I lost a full two-bagged lunch in one day!

You may be thinking this is some sort of exaggeration, but trust me: I was extremely tired the following day. The sweat stained my shirt and made me look as if I had been working out all day. And really, who can blame me?

I also realized that I no longer had any energy. I could barely move. My brain was foggy and my heart rate was erratic. I realized that there was no point in trying to lose belly fat while suffering from exhaustion!

My first thought was to go to the emergency room. But I knew I had an appointment with my doctor the following day – so I let the water flow out of the tub and into the shower. I figured that I might as well see if the effects on my body were negative. And sure enough, after drinking it, I felt great!

Of course, there were many other benefits that drinking lemon water on a regular basis can have. Like any naturally occurring substance, it can help you lose weight. And since it is a known weight loss supplement, it also helps keep your body healthy. By keeping your metabolism up, you will be able to feel more energetic throughout the day. This means you won’t feel like you are dragging yourself through the day – and you’ll be able to get things done faster.

My friends were amazed when I told them about the effect drinking lemon water had on my body. And they were even more amazed when I revealed the reason why I did it! I was drinking it every day to try to lose belly fat while keeping myself fit and healthy. They were amazed at my effort!

You can do the same thing! Just add one glass of water to each meal you eat. Or drink a large glass before each workout. Either way, you’ll find that it really does help you stick to a healthy diet and stay energized during the day.

Many people drink these special juices for a variety of reasons. Some people drink it because it tastes good. Others drink it because it is helpful in flushing toxins from your body. Still others drink it because it has certain medicinal benefits.

I personally don’t think it has medicinal benefits. It’s kind of hard to believe that a beverage could have any medicinal benefits. But I’m also not much of a strong tea drinker, so it looked like a good option for me! I’m going to have to give it another shot though, just to see if I have any adverse reactions to drinking it.

If I do have any it will be very minimal. I drink plenty of water throughout the day so it shouldn’t affect me too much. If I’m already used to drinking eight glasses of water per day then it will only take a very small adjustment for me to switch to three. I’ve found that lemon water makes my stomach feels bloated when I drink it so I drink a bit more.

Overall, I like to drink lemon water whenever possible. I think it tastes great and it helps me feel fuller throughout the day. If you want to reduce belly fat and drop those excess pounds, then you should definitely try it. You’ll be glad that you did!

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