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When you lose weight fast, your body enters a starvation mode: it burns through calories at a very low rate, because it’s desperate for more food. In this state, your body uses everything it can get its hands on to provide itself with fuel. If you eat the wrong types of foods, your metabolism will burn through calories in an even faster pace! Foods that are high in sugar are particularly difficult to burn calories off of, because they have simple carbohydrates that your body can process quickly. Eating sugary foods can make losing weight faster, but you’ll be putting yourself at risk for diabetes and other health problems.

By eating less often, and choosing foods with higher nutritional value, you can help your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. This makes your body more able to lose weight fast. Studies have shown that a person who eats less than two times a day has their metabolic rate slowing down, even as they exercise less. If you eat less often, and your metabolism stays the same, you will be burning calories at a steady rate, and your weight will stay off.