Regular and consistent long-distance running, along with an adequate and healthy diet is probably one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly. Not only is it an inexpensive form of exercise (as all you really need is a good pair of running shoes), it also is something that you can do irrespective of the time of year or the day. It will not get cold or damp, and you will be able to continue as long as you wish. Another important aspect of losing weight through running is your metabolism. As long as you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight fast.

It takes a while to reach your desired weight loss pace. So ideally you would aim for about a mile per hour for this to be effective. Of course you don’t need to run slow but neither do you want to run too fast. Your ideal goal should be to cover the distance of one hour, three times, and then be able to maintain your speed for the next hour.

The first phase of this method involves burning up as many calories as you can in a short period of time. For this you will need to adopt a running regimen that is appropriate for your current physical condition and height. If you have had a long period of sedentary living, for example, it is advisable to start out by running just a few minutes every day and increase gradually as you get used to the routine. If you have been sedentary for a long time and lack any kind of fitness program, the easiest way to increase your calorie deficit is by running.

Once you have reached your desired speed, you should slow down the pace and allow yourself to burn approximately three thousand calories per hour. For the first three hours you should not eat anything at all. At this point you will be using up most of your glycogen and will therefore be unable to store any fat in your muscles. This is why you should concentrate on eating carbohydrates only while you are at this stage. When your body is at its energy deficit, it will begin to use up fat stores.

After you have gone through your initial training period, you should begin to gradually increase your intensity as you become fitter. You will gradually increase the number of calories you burn per hour by mixing it with increased intensity and duration. You should also increase your drinking water intake by replacing coffee or other beverages that contain caffeine with water. As mentioned previously, drinking water will reduce your calorie expenditures even further.

During the second half of your workout, you should try to maintain the pace you had in the first half but be more conscious of your breathing and the effort required to keep moving. Continue to increase the duration of your workout but reduce the intensity as you become fitter. Your final goal should be to complete the workout under a particular time limit. Completing this exercise under the given time limit will help you burn even more calories and so help you lose weight by running.

Once you complete this third section of your workout, you should then take a quick shower and then get dressed up for your dinner. The reason for this dressing down is to prevent any spill over onto your clothes. You can also use this time to eat a light dinner, which will have less calories and thus help you lose weight by running faster. A related story here is that it is better to eat dinner earlier in the day as it will keep you motivated for the entire evening. Also, the earlier you eat your dinner, the lesser calories you will consume. Also, by consuming meals at different times throughout the day, you will have a chance to spread out your calorie burn evenly.

So what does Beals says about losing weight by running? First, you must ensure you pace yourself according to the time you have available. By doing this, you will be burning more calories throughout the day. Also, there are various tools that can help you track your progress such as graphs, charts, and tracking devices. Using these tools correctly, you will see results very soon. However, the main point to remember here is to pace yourself according to the time you have available and then be consistent at that pace.

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